5 Simple Knitting Projects for Beginners

As a beginner, you don’t have to spend months working on a scarf to get practice with your stitches. Of course, that is a great knitting project for those with patience, but there are plenty of beginner projects you can knit that only take a few hours, even for beginners. The most important factor to … Continue reading

What Kinds of Knitting Needles Do I Need?

There are many different kinds of knitting needles available in stores. The differences range from the materials used to the style of the needle. If you are new to knitting, or new to buying your own knitting needles, this choice can seem overwhelming at first. Do you need the bamboo circulars? Or do you want … Continue reading

Yarn Graffiti: Street Art Made with Yarn

Yarn graffiti is a new form a street art that has taken hold in many communities and spread around the world. Unlike traditional graffiti, this art, otherwise known as yarn bombing, has a more personal and friendly feel. There are many groups in large cities around the world solely dedicated to planning, making and setting … Continue reading

Needle Felting Directions for Beginners

Needle felting can be a fun and addicting hobby for those that love fiber crafts. With a few basic needle-felting directions, beginners can learn all about this craft and start using their creativity in new ways. Once you learn the basics, you may find yourself branching out and trying more and more creative projects and … Continue reading

Basics of Knitting with Circular Needles

Knitting with circular needles can be a lot of fun. If you’ve never tried it, you should pick up a set along with a new pattern and start a new project tonight. Once you’ve started, you may find yourself hooked on circular needles and knitting in the round. Circular needles are mostly used for knitting … Continue reading